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Energy market structures slow transition despite historic capital availability
Energy market structures slow transition despite historic capital availability
This event covers the following:
Climate and Sustainability
Climate and Sustainability
Batteries & Energy Storage
Clean Technology & Renewables
Climate Change
Energy Capital Investments
Energy Transition

More than $1 trillion in capital is sitting on the sidelines in global energy and infrastructure funding, and asset managers are increasingly impatient to invest. Deterred for years by a decade-plus of low returns, warped regulatory incentives and unknown but clearly intensifying climate change risk, investors are now finding reasons to move money into energy markets as the transition picks up pace.

In the inaugural climate & cleantech quarterly from IHS Markit's Investing in Energy team, the paired frameworks of 'electrification of everything' and 'decarbonization of oil and gas' give financial and capital market participants mechanisms for evaluating their current portfolios and prospective investments. The pace of capital expenditure plans for deploying cleantech into power markets and distributed energy has accelerated sharply in the opening weeks of 2022, and dealmaking activity is reviving after a sluggish end to 2021.

If 2020-2021 was a time to raise capital and build up 'dry powder,' increasingly 2022-2023 looks like a moment to invest.

On this webinar we will discuss:

  • Financial returns in batteries, energy storage and hydrogen
  • The unexpected ways that electric vehicles may transform the energy transition
  • How companies and investors are handling the renewable energy returns gap
  • Resurgent cash flow at legacy energy companies, and the correlations with cleantech
  • Regulatory drivers of energy transition at a time of increasing geopolitical risk in markets


  • Peter Gardett - Executive Director, Climate and Cleantech, IHS Markit
  • Conway Irwin - Director, Cleantech, Financial and Capital Markets, IHS Markit

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Duration: 45 minutes

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Regional focus
22 Feb 2022
11:00am - 11:45am
45 minutes
IHS Markit Webinar