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Data migration for OSDU™: Choosing the right approach for your company
Data migration for OSDU™: Choosing the right approach for your company
This event covers the following:
Financial Services
Financial Services

As the OSDU™ initiative gains momentum, some important implementation considerations are starting to take shape for operators. Top of the list for many is the optimal approach for migrating their data to the OSDU Data Platform.

How a company chooses to integrate with and onboard its data to the OSDU Data Platform will have a significant bearing on the flexibility, operational cost, data governance and, consequently, data quality. Two broad schools of thought have started to emerge: those who favor an ETL (extract, transform, load) approach and those opting for an ELT (extract, load, transfer) approach. ETL is a well-known approach in which data is enriched and mastered before being loaded into the data platform. ELT involves loading data into the data platform and then enriching it.

Which of these strategies is best for which organization type? And what other considerations should be weighed up to ensure an optimal transition path to OSDU? During this webinar, experts from S&P Global Market Intelligence and EPAM Systems will address these questions. We will also explain how S&P Global Market Intelligence's workflow automation and data management platform, EDM for Energy, is supporting operators.

Agenda topics will include:

  • The OSDU value proposition
  • Data strategy and data governance for IT transition
  • ETL vs ELT - the pros and cons
  • OSDU data integration example scenarios
  • Automated workflow demonstration


  • Benin Chelinsky, Director, Head of Product, EDM for Energy, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Nigel Shaw, Executive Director, EDM for Energy, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Robert Best, Director, EPAM Systems
Regional focus
18 May 2022
9:00am - 10:00am
IHS Markit Webinar