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CERAWeek 2021
The New Map: Energy, Climate, and Charting the Future
This event covers the following:
Country / Territory Risk
Gas, Power, and Energy Futures
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Country / Territory Risk
Energy Forward Curves
Climate Change
Energy Volatility
Investment Economics
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Commodity Trading
Energy Transition

Join foremost leaders and decision makers Virtually on March 1-5 for timely insight on The New Map: Energy, Climate, and Charting the Future.

For nearly forty years, CERAWeek has been providing an integrated framework for understanding what's ahead for global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. Participants include senior executives, government officials, thought leaders, academics, technology innovators and financial leaders.

Energy decision-makers face great uncertainty as the world emerges from the pandemic, the global environmental agenda intensifies, and the new US Administration portends a reset of geopolitics. CERAWeek offers much-needed comprehensive global perspective and the strategic and investment roadmap ahead.

For the first time, CERAWeek 2021 will be an all-virtual event. As part of the shift to virtual, the Innovation Agora-X will again be the hub of technology and innovation at CERAWeek. New technologies are a key driver to enact change and energy transition, and the Agora-X program will provide a marketplace for powerful insight into the technology pathways, innovation, and solutions to the world's greatest energy challenges.

Visit CERAWeek.com to view the agenda, speakers, and more.

CERAWeek 2021 Program Themes

Strategies for the Energy Transition, Climate & ESG

  • What transition pathways and company strategies will be adopted?
  • What will be the global and regional policies in the run up to COP?
  • What new technologies lie on the horizon?

Geopolitics, Economics & Investment Strategies

  • The great 'reset'—what changes can we expect in global energy geopolitics?
  • What will be the shape of the post-pandemic economic and energy market recovery?
  • How will energy investors respond?

Technology, Innovation & Infrastructure

  • What are the most promising, scalable energy technology pathways?
  • How can companies accelerate innovation? What models work?
  • What are the learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, and what digital technology solutions are to come?

Workforce of the Future

  • What is the future of the workplace post-pandemic? How will companies adapt?
  • How will the industry attract and retain the next generation of workers?
  • How will the industry accelerate responses to calls for diversity, inclusion, and corporate governance?




Regional focus
Global, Global
01 - 05 Mar 2021
IHS Markit Conference