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Is CCUS the Best Solution to Decarbonize the Steel and Cement Industries?
Is CCUS the Best Solution to Decarbonize the Steel and Cement Industries?
This event covers the following:
Climate and Sustainability
Climate and Sustainability
Chemical Process Technology
Clean Technology & Renewables
Upstream Costs & Technologies
Climate Change

Most energy transition scenarios estimate that carbon sequestration will be an 'essential pathway' to reach net-zero targets, but the road ahead in terms of technology, costs, and more successful applications still needs to be outlined.

Capture capacity needs to grow exponentially in the next 30 years if net-zero targets are to be met by 2050. The industry will need to compete with other decarbonization technologies, which might provide a unique opportunity among some hard-to-abate sectors such as cement and steel.

In this webinar from our Clean Energy Technology team, our CCUS experts will discuss in detail:

  • The role and potential of CCUS technology to reduce emissions and the sectors currently looking into the technology
  • The key role CCUS could play to decarbonized hard to abate sectors with a focus on steel and cement: an overview of costs and emission reduction potential.
  • The major opportunities and long-term challenges for this technology in these sectors.


Edurne zoco, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Clean Technology & Renewables, IHS Markit

Paola Perez Pena
Principal Research Analyst, Clean Energy Technology, IHS Markit

Yufei Su, Ph.D.
Consulting Principal, IHS Markit

Event details:

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

8:00 am | Calgary

9:00 am | Houston

10:00 am | New York

3:00 pm | London

6:00 pm | Dubai

10:00 pm | Shanghai

Duration - 45 mins (including Q&A)

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Regional focus
08 Jun 2022
3:00pm - 3:45pm
IHS Markit Webinar