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Automotive Spring Briefing - Americas
Automotive 2021 - Another year on the rollercoaster?
This event covers the following:
Regulatory Compliance (Emissions & Fuel Efficiency)
Vehicle Autonomy
Vehicle Powertrain
Vehicle Production Forecasts
Vehicle Sales Forecasts

2020 was a very turbulent year for the global economy, but there is a lot of hope that 2021 will be the year where things start to return to normal. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world launched financial stimulus packages for their economies at unprecedented rates. Various vaccines have now been certified for usage and immunization campaigns have been started at a large scale. However, fast-spreading mutations are being detected and major economies are forced into repeated lock-downs to keep the infection levels under control.

The automotive industry found a path to mitigate the impacts of these continuously changing uncertainties in the second half of 2020, but will this lead to a solid recovery of business in 2021 and beyond or will we see prolonged periods of turbulence? And how will key trends such as compliance and new mobility prevail in this environment?

Please join us for our spring automotive client briefings, where we want to share with you our latest views on the state of the global automotive industry and scenarios on how things could develop going forward.

Event Details

Date: 23 March 2021, Tuesday

Time: 9am - 5pm Eastern Daylight Time

Ticket Fee: $500 (USD)

Regional focus
Latin America, North America
23 Mar 2021
9:00am - 4:15pm
IHS Markit Briefing