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Addressing Five Key Engineering Challenges
How an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform can help designers and engineers accelerate problem solving and make better decisions in any business environment.
This event covers the following:
Engineering & Product Design
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Under pressure to come up with marketable products that delight and satisfy customers, today's engineering and design teams face a litany of challenges in their quest to meet those demands in the most efficient, optimized manner possible.

Here are the five challenges that are standing in their way right now:

1. To maintain market position, grow market share, and move into new markets, they have to be able to innovate quickly.
2. Product designs must be optimized for cost, performance, manufacturability, service, and compliance.
3. New team members must be onboarded quickly and efficiently.
4. Managing the remote workforce isn't easy, nor does it come naturally for design and engineering teams.
5. There's a pressing need for more environmentally-friendly innovations.

Join this webinar to discover how an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform can help designers and engineers accelerate problem-solving.

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Regional focus
Global, Global
03 Feb 2021
10:00am - 11:00am
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar