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PMI™ by IHS Markit Global Webcast (on demand)
Exclusive Monthly PMI™ by IHS Markit
This event covers the following:
Country / Territory Risk
Financial Services
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Economic Data
Market Analysis & Forecasts
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)

Get the earliest insight into how global economies are recovering through the third quarter from COVID-19 lockdowns from the world's leading survey data - based on more than 28,000 interviews - the Purchasing Managers' IndexTM (PMITM) survey insights into global trends by country and sector.

Global PMI data will be eagerly awaited to assess whether the economic rebound from COVID-19 lockdowns has persisted into August. Flash PMI data brought mixed news: Although the G4 largest-developed economies collectively saw the sharpest expansion since March 2019, only the US and UK reported faster growth. The Eurozone's expansion lost pace and Japan remained firmly stuck in contraction.

The final PMI numbers will provide more detail on both manufacturing and services conditions in all major developed and emerging markets. Detailed sector PMIs will also add insight into winners and losers: July saw automakers lead the global upturn, but conditions remained especially tough for tourism and recreation.

Key topics

  • Which countries and sectors are seeing the strongest rebounds from the peak of the pandemic's impact?
  • How are rising infection rates in some nations affecting business confidence?
  • How are prices and earnings affected?
  • What factors should we be looking out for to gauge growth recovery momentum, especially in terms of labor markets?

Watch a 30-minute Global PMI Webcast on demand to gain detailed insight from the latest PMI analysis, current economic trends, and what the data tell us about upcoming months.


Chris Williamson
Chief Business Economist, IHS Markit

Regional focus
08 Sep 2020
10:30am - 11:30am
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar