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Explore: Energy 2020 Global Series
Explore: Energy 2020 - Secrets to Surviving in Volatility
This event covers the following:
Oil & Gas Upstream
Energy Forward Curves
Energy Volatility
Oil Markets Supply, Demand and Pricing
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)

Upstream Oil and Gas companies face increasingly complex strategic decisions as they seek to meet growing energy demand while at the same time maintaining capital discipline, leveraging digital transformation, reducing emissions and meeting investor expectations amid the great Energy Transition.

In helping you plan to navigate through 2021 successfully, we are bringing together for the first time, our experts to offer multi- dimensional insight and perspectives on Economic Growth post COVID, Energy Futures, GHG Emissions, Global Oil Demand, Decapitalization, International Investment , US Natural Gas & US Oil Supply, Technology Strategies & Partnerships and Sustainable E&P Growth.

Join us in Explore: Energy 2020 global series as we take a look at the makings of a company that will not just survive, but thrive in the future. View the regional agendas here.


Oscar Abbink, Ph.D.
Director - Upstream Energy

Shane Akeroyd
President, Asia Pacific and Global Head of Account Management, IHS Markit

Nathan Amery
Executive Director, Global Practice Head, EDM for Energy, IHS Markit

Gustav Ando
Vice President, Industry Services & Life Sciences

Nariman Behravesh, Ph.D.
Senior Economic Adviser, IHS Markit

Kevin Birn
Vice President North American Crude Oil Markets

Rachel Calvert
Associate Director, E&P Terms and Above-Ground Risk

Murray Christie
Energy Commercial Executive Director, IHS Markit

Ian Conway
Executive Director, Upstream Research

Dr. Sarah Cooper
GM, Outcome Driven Engineering, Amazon Web Services

Franca Davila
Senior Research Analyst

Antonio Dimabuyu
Executive Director, Asia Pacific Upstream, IHS Markit

Roger Diwan
Vice President, Research and Analysis, Upstream, IHS Markit

Susan Farrell
Vice President, Energy Futures

Bob Fryklund
Vice President - Upstream Energy

Judson Jacobs
Executive Director - Upstream Energy

Imre Kugler
Associate Director, Upstream Research

Raoul LeBlanc
Vice President, Energy

Ding Li Ang
Director, Cost & Technology, IHS Markit

Rachael Moreland
Technical Advisor, IHS Markit

Todd Mostak
Founder and CEO, OmniSci

Narmadha Navaneethan
Associate Director

Ha Nguyen
Executive Director, Global Oil

Reed Olmstead
Director, Upstream Research

Budiman Parhusip
CEO, Pertamina Hulu Energi

Michael Pryccz
Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Kallol Saha
Principal Analyst, Companies and Transactions

Alok Sinha
Global Head of Oil & Gas and Chemicals, Global Industries Group, Standard Chartered Bank

Nick Sharma
Executive Director, Global Upstream Oil & Gas

Matti Teittinen, CFA
Research and Analysis Associate Director

Leanne Todd
Senior Vice President, North America Upstream Energy, IHS Markit

David Vaucher
Associate Director, Cost & Technology, Upstream Consulting, IHS Markit

Matthew Turner
Principal, Upstream Technical Research, IHS Markit

Stuart Lewis
Executive Director, International E&P Research

Tom Ridsdill-Smith, PhD
Senior Vice President, Climate, Woodside

Pedro Martinez
Senior Research Analyst, E&P Terms and Above-Ground Risk, IHS Markit

Vlad Andrus
Director, Upstream Technical Research, IHS Markit

Andrea Anderson
Associate Director of Product Management, IHS Markit

Dmitriy Tishechkin
Principal Partner Technical Lead, Oil and Gas, Amazon Web Services

Atif Siddiqi
Sr. Segment Lead for Oil & Gas, Amazon Web Service

Camilo Rodriguez
Associate Director, Product Management - Upstream Energy, IHS Markit

Hamed Tabatabaie
Product Management Associate Director

Mark Savery
Energy Commercial Executive Director, IHS Markit

Basel Asmar, Ph.D.
Director, Upstream Capital and Operating Costs Service, IHS Markit

Samuel Andrus
Executive Director

Planning for Success in 2021 and Beyond to Thrive in New Upstream World?

North America

10 Nov 2020, Tue
17 Nov 2020, Tue

Europe, Middle East & Africa

11 Nov 2020, Wed
18 Nov 2020, Wed

Asia Pacific

12 Nov 2020, Thu
19 Nov 2020, Thu

Regional focus
10 - 19 Nov 2020
9 days
IHS Markit Conference