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Data and Project management leveraging Kingdom Analytics
Event Summary
This event covers the following:
Oil & Gas Upstream
Exploration & Production (E&P)

Data and Project management in the E&P space has always been tough. In this webinar let us show you, how to make sense of your Kingdom setup across many projects and even across many different but connected sites. Kingdom Data Manager's powerful cataloguing system can pull project metadata together for you in one place quickly and easily. We can then leverage the flexibility of Analytics to gain understanding of our projects and data that was simply not possible in the past.

All our metadata can be displayed on a single map allowing the geographic extents of overlapping projects to be examined and understood. Many other project specific attributes can also be queried such as what size a project on the disk is, when they were made, who made them, what version they are in and where on the network they are currently living and many other key questions. This should help anybody working with multiple Kingdom projects keep track of their valuable data and system resources.


John Robson
Kingdom Technical Advisor, IHS Markit

Mohamed Khiar
Geoscience Technical Advisor, IHS Markit

Event details

The event will be a live on-line event. Once registered, you will receive the instructions needed to attend.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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Regional focus
04 Nov 2020
10:00am - 11:00am
1 hour
IHS Markit Webinar