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2021-Q3 Trade Forecasts Briefing : Global Trade Analytics Suite
2021-Q3 Trade Forecasts Briefing : Global Trade Analytics Suite
This event covers the following:
Maritime & Trade

After sluggish trade in 2020 - global recovery was expected in 2021. High hopes and early market optimism were devastated by the continuous and escalating outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, plus supply chain disruption in various events including the Suez Canal Blockage.

COVID-19 will be the most significant factor affecting the global economy in 2021 and in the short-run, at least.

In 2021, for the very first time we will deliver the global trade forecast updates at a quarterly interval so we can bridge our trade forecast (across all trade lanes by every commodity group) to help our clients to determine the current and future market share - for short-run and longer term planning.

Our Global Trade Analytics Suite (GTAS) Trade Forecast provides strategic planners with a reliable and comprehensive understanding of future supply and demand for all markets by countries and commodities. For producers/manufacturer, this is critical for determining future sales by location, product type, and model. For a supplier, our trade forecast can be used to validate and assess opportunities. GTAS Trade Forecast spanning up to 2035, also helps supply chain stakeholders understand future disruptive imbalances of trade.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • New developments in GTAS Trade Forecast - e.g. enhanced interval to quarterly forecast, inclusion of intra-European and extra-European data by means of transport, upgraded means of transport factors, etc.
  • Methodology and Macro drivers of quarterly forecasts of IHS Markit GTAS
  • Latest trade forecast result: Quarterly forecasts versus long-term trends (2021 - 2035 forecasts)
  • Short-term forecast by region
  • Short-term forecasts by commodity group (sector)
  • Short-term perspective for key trade concepts:
    • Seaborne (containerized vs. non-containerized)
    • Airborne
    • Overland

LIVE Webinar Schedule

Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2021


APAC/EMEA | 4pm SGT, 9am BST


AMER | 10am EDT


Regional focus
06 Oct 2021
4:00pm - 5:00pm
IHS Markit Webinar