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Geostrategy 2021
Geostrategy 2021
This event covers the following:
Sourcing and Supply Chain
Country / Territory Risk
Sourcing and Supply Chain

Last year was full of uncertainty, challenging governments, businesses, and individuals around the world to an unprecedented degree. As we begin 2021, many of those challenges are still with us.

Join us as we navigate the fallout of the pandemic in order to understand and anticipate the way deeply interconnected economies will act and be affected. No economy is unscathed. Whilst some are in a better position than others for recovery, exposure runs deep. As governments seek to enable a rebound they will face constraints - many of which are political in nature.

Day 1

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Day 2

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Regional focus
Global, Global
02 - 03 Feb 2021
1 day
IHS Markit Webinar