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About Experts by IHS Markit

Subscription benefits

Experts by IHS Markit is a new expert consultation service that makes it easy for our customers to access our in-house experts, whether through 1-on-1 discussions or hosted events.

Leading experts

Access to over 700 subject matter experts, analysts, and thought leaders

Range of industries

Expertise across 14 industries including energy, economics, natural resources, transportation, and chemicals

Trending topics

Access to the most up-to-date industry insights through events, briefings, and webinars

Subscription options

Experts by IHS Markit is a resource available to all clients, large and small, with countless benefits no matter your size or budget. We offer two distinct ways to gain access to these benefits:

Scalable access for both individuals and corporate users: pre-purchase credits for expert consultations or events

Interested in a corporate subscription?

Pay-as-you-go access to experts and events through our instant scheduling and credit card portal

Ready to get started with a credit card?